Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Modi has changed gears - Take no prisoners.


The sudden spat of exposes of Ishrat Jahan witnesses, the ED finding all of PC son's illgotten wealth right during the Parliament session just shows Modi was accumulating these facts do4 a long time to strike at the right time.

Parliament wasn't allowed to function again as expected.  It is Rahul's brainwave to hold the government to ransom and not allow it to do any constructive legislative work , hence, in his mind discrediting the government. Especially since expectations are high from Modi and people are getting restive. Acched Din, Rahul thinks, can be beaten by Jumla sarkar.

Modi has given a teaser by accountability actions against PC... a direct warning to Sonia that noone is beyond reach. This damocles sword is the last attempt at getting some much-needed cooperation from government. Last attempt, because the by polls to Rajya Sabha due in July, given the current state mathematics, is expected to push Congress down to less than 60 seats. This should be enough for Government to conduct business with the help of friendly parties like AiADMK, BJD or even SP.

Given the threat hanging on PC, we can expect parliament to start cooperating a bit from now on. Financial bills will probably go through. The very top legislation business may slide through. Obviously the optics if confrontation will continue, but with the right prodding at the right time at the right places, government may succeed to buy temporary peace. I have suspicion that GST is just a tool to discredit the opposition. They quickly fell to Modi's trap in vociferously opposing false flags like Land Acquisition and GST, not half as necessary as it is made out to be. If the opposition now support GST, they'll have to eat humble pie. If not, modi will play victim, and further turn the screws.

Modi has also got JNU as his 2nd Godhra moment. Deep polarisation along nationalistic lines has been achieved. This is Vintage chess minds at play here (Amit Shah has long been an avid chess player). It is evident that govt is changing gears. "Take no prisoners" is the slogan but getting opposition to surrender may be on the agenda. The situation is Good for the economic agenda in my opinion. 

If the economy succeeds in creating the new rural demand as it's engine, as budget 2016 focuses, Sonia and her Suit-Boot opposition will be history. Sonia isn't going to take it lightly either. After a temporary ceasefire to buy reprieve from government action, More identity based politics may be in the offing to break the nationalistic narrarive. Will it create enough disturbance in country to trip the economy and hence Modi? Will Modi use his brahmastra of action agianst his arch rival? Will it be too late to needle the Queen? Interesting times ahead!