Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why Congress Mukt Maharasthra changes everything

A lot has been written about the 16 May 2014 being the watershed moment that'll find it's place in the books of history. What follows, however, is even bigger.

The enemies were at the Queen's gate. A queen whose queenship survived on profligacy of squandered public wealth. The squandering being proportional to the loyalty to the dynasty. "Give them cake if they can't have bread" had a new name - Food Security Act, as were the several other acts that allowed the hands of the looters into the state treasury. And revolution had a new name - Modi.

Now the colours in the corridors of power have changed. A new hope has arrived. Economic revival is round the corner, so is the collective morale of the peoples.

And yet, something more has happened. Exit Polls after the elections in Maharashtra and Haryana project a Saffron sweep. But not only is it about the BJP coming from an also-ran into pole position, but the marginalization of the politics of red mixed with green - of blood money and of the leftist Islamism. .

For the first time anywhere in India since Prithviraj Chauhan, the ruling and opposition parties will be saffron. Saffron will fight saffron. It is not without irony that media outlets across Mainstream English spectrum are hoping for Modi to be strengthened... A character so pilloried by the secular nehruvian club now appears to be the hero against what they describe as fringe elements in the saffron polity.

It'll not be a day too late for them to realize that the center of polity has moved. They are now themselves the loony fringe of India. India has changed forever.