Sunday, November 23, 2014

Liberals are charitable to Islamists.

Why calling Islamists as terrorists is to misread the problem.

Twenty-eight passengers were murdered when Somalia’s al-Shabab group attacked a bus in northern Kenya at dawn yesterday and picked out those who could not recite an Islamic creed who they assumed to be non-Muslims. #ManderaBusAttack

And the response of the liberatti, typically muted by their concern of not branding a religion with terrorism is along known temlates : Leaders have condemned the killings in Mandera County on Saturday. This was stated by the VP while the President is on a 4 day official visit during the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, as his country burns. But I digress.

Is Al Shabaab a terrorist organization? Is Boko Haram, ISIS, Jamat ud Dawa, Jamat e tehreek, Taliban,  Al Qaeda and the other mushrooming  global enterprise of Islamism only out to create terror in the world. And if they are, what is their purpose? It was said back in 1990s about Kashmiris  ( then engaged in Pandits genocide) that they are merely 'militants'. Meaning they have a harsher political view than rest of kashmiris, but not terrorists. Later, as ig becsme untenable to defend the religious purge, it was claimed that one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Parallels were drawn to freedom fighter revolutionaries who struck terror in the heart of the colonial Empire.

That being so, it can be concede that terrorists objectives in their operations is to terrorise the state through the loss of their subjects. In order to strike at the state. For freedom, separation,  revolution, gaining power etc.

But the global Islamic enterprise wants purge. Terrorising is not enough. Purge the Un believers is the objective.  Islam should win and be all pervasive. Examples in pakistan and Bangladesh are proof of the need of islam to eradicate the Un believers. Each strand of Islam is a call to jehad against the kafirs.

To call islamists by any other name therefore is to be apologists to the nature of the cult ... which essentially is terror on the people of the book, such that financial subjugation of jazia  can be  implemented with humiliation to the dhimmi.  But apart from Christianity, and Jews  other kafirs do not wualify to dhimmitude and are not to be let off by mere terrorising and financial and social subjugation. They have to be purged. Only women can be excused if they can be sold and enslaved a la yazidis in Iraq.

I call upon all humanist therefore to throw away the political correctness and call the scourge by what it is - Islamism.  It is only when we recognize the problem that we can Hope  to find an answer.