Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Support this man for the sake of India!

It’s been a week now, and the news market has been milking the unfortunate Dadri incident for TRPs. How is it that in a state known for lawlessness, some incidents carry more drawing power with the English media rather than others. What’s it that makes the government, which has a duty as protector of life and treasury, to first derelict the protection of life, and later throw open the public treasury to compensate it’s own negligence. Not only was the treasury opened, but was done so in an unprecedented manner. What made this negligence more valuable than the other routine ones, where lives are routinely lost too?

In all this noise, one remembers the incidence of 2 girls found hanging from a tree in UP at the start of this year. Dalit girls Raped and Hanged, the media declared. Turned out, months later, that the incidence was one of suicide and spurned love. The media dutifully decided to bury the actual story, as it carried no “news value”. Much similar were the cases of Church burnings, and nuns being raped. 

After months of chest-beating on Hindu Terrorism on poor minorities, almost each one of these incidents turned out to be either bogus, or internal feud, or some such stray incident.
In each of these cases, one finds that the outrage was manufactured to suit a narrative. The narrative, not surprisingly is set by politicians of low credibility who are desperate to claw their way back into the power structure. The change of regime a the center doesn’t sit well with either the opposition parties losing on their gravy-train, the foreign funded NGO-type cottage industry, or the media houses used to the structures of entitlement that the first family of this country handed out for generations. In this naked show of desperation the Congress, which was the preferred vehicle of freedom fighters many moons ago, is opposing not only Modi or the BJP, but Hindus and the Nation as well.

So powerful is the hate, that everything has been done to pull the Nation down to show Modi as a failure. The idea is to portray India as a failure - From surreptitiously generated BBC documentary on rapists to the dastardly attacks the Congress (and it’s supporting eco-system of rogues in media, bureaucracy, academia or civil society) has made in recent times: It opposed the anti-terrorist operations of the Government, whether at sea or land, at border or otherwise. The congress also stalled all developmental reforms whether GST, Land Bill or others. Justice and political system of the country often appears to let off the influential accused lightly in corruption cases like CWG, NH or Teesta.

In the onslaught of the combined might of the opposition, media, and their anti-national allies, it seems Modi is continuing on his development plank with single mindedness, much to the chagrin of his supporters, who hope he may respond befittingly to these provocations. It seems unlikely, given the lofty targets the PM has set for his countrymen, despite his countrymen.