Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sonia Rahul Haazir ho.

19th Dec 2015 was savoured by majority Indians as another momentous date after 16th May 2014. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were arraigned to court and made to furnish bail bonds to remain out of prison on a case of breach of trust in the National Herald. It was the first time that any meaningful inquiry seems to have taken shape against the vastly unpopular elite Gandhi family which has ruled India since independence, often cocking a snook at the law of the land.

While the hoipolloi rejoiced, the media was quick to declare bail as political victory for the Congress. In their mind, they seem to believe that people will share their acute distress of witnessing the Godmother stepping into jail and being answerable to law like a common citizen.

If the congress is really preparing to make a comeback on this issue the way media sees it, it'll have missed a great opportunity to redeem and reinvent itself. If there's any play of meritocracy left in the congress, it'll force itself into a round of rupturous coup and trash its mediocre royalty.

For the BJP sympathisers celebrating in the present unease of congress, it'll be worth remembering that this is just a frivolous case of cheating which takes attention away from the mammoth cases of UPA corruption, which are hardly being pursued with an urgency commensurate with the mandate derived from the people by the modi government. All big ticket cases have been forgotten or worse being timed to extract maximum benefit from opposition.  But the way it's being played, it has only dented the anti corruption drive and hardly any political gains visible for it.

Piggybacking on the individual efforts of maverick activists like swamy or Jethmalani or bhushans is fraught with dangers. The government  may try to win some points in borrowed light here but it does nothing to add to the government's credibility on the corruption issue. CBI hasn't filed a single chargesheet or FIR against the gandhis.maa bête ki sarkar was overthrown for a purpose yet to be achieved.

For both Congress and BJP therefore, this is a time for recalibration. The victory today is solely of Gladiator Swamy !