Sunday, April 19, 2015

False vanity fulfilled by virtual beheading

Nowdays every tom dick and his aunt's dog has started putting up fantastic photos of himself on everything from Instagram Facebook twitter and tumbler and sites whose names I have never heard of.

This whole selfie thing is like that word called "bae". You find it everywhere and you try not to take notice and no one seems to use it in the same context. And it kind of traumatises you enough to start finding chips and bits from the neighbour's teenage kids.

Well anyway, so I am not such a great fan of a selfie,  because it seems all of them are at ridiculous angles and atrocious focus. And then there is this trend at least in indian twitter circles, where they teleport someone's head on someone's shoulder.

So in my quest to keep ahead of the trends a friend helped my own false vanity by putting my head o  to the thinnest frame I could ever think of.

Without further ado, here's the greatest picture of me ever. And convinces me that I never need to step out for another picture again. Forget those expensive holidays or that time taking networking with people who matter. 

Just send a snip of my head and photoshop experts will adjust your existence in any locale and with any company you fantasize about.