Sunday, November 27, 2016

War is coming

Something dark is swelling up in the world. A fear, a dangerous fear, boiling over into anger and repulse.

The kind of fear our forefathers would have seen before. The kind that leads down a road we know too well. No need to go too far back in time. Genocides of the Partition,  Bangladeshi Hindus, Kashmiri Pandits are still fresh.

The signs are happening everywhere, all at once. People are rising to the clarion calls of protecting themselves in their homes. Brexit in the UK. Trump in the US. Far-right revival in Europe. Nationalism in Russia. Machoism in China and India. Sectarianism in the Middle East. People are reacting to fear, everywhere you look.

Where did this come from? Why are people everywhere turning to nationalism? Why does everyone suddenly want to draw a line between themselves and the rest of the world?
Because of fear. A single, gripping fear that’s sweeping the world, from England to Ohio, from Vienna to Moscow to Raqqa to Delhi to Rome.

The fear that the multi-culturalist globalist establishment isn't really working in our favour as we were promised it was. That it doesn’t have space for all of us, and ceded that space in pandering to the Jihadist. Fear that we and our way of living has been sold out to the Muslims in the guise of liberalism.

This fear is very real, and it’s driving people to fight for their place in a suddenly shrinking future. What we’re seeing them do, all over the world, is decide who they’re willing to fight alongside, and who they’re not.
What we’re watching is the world draw battle lines. And on one side is the maudering jehadi who has no religion, baying for your kafir blood.