Monday, December 29, 2014

West likely to differentiate more between Good and Bad terrorism.

To start with i am no expert on security matters. Following is just an understanding from common sense And may be far from truth, hence purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to reality is purely lucky coincidence!

In the Cold War era, many violent retributions could be avoided by clandestine deals between the 2 superpowers. And the soviet melt down happened, a century after it was born. 

The Cold War in that sense was a much cleaner and faster... A war that could be won with the disintegration of soviets. Compare it to the war against Islamic terror across the world today. 

1. There is no real centralization of power, and the war even involved lone wolf attacks motivated by cultural moorings and beliefs not even understood by the west. Part of it because west continues to study this phenomenon with the moral compass it builds for itself, and which helped them tide over the more agreeable soviet threat.

2. The Islamic concept of global conquest to form an Ummah has been around for nearly one and a half millennia and in that sense is a timeless struggle... A slow and dirty war, unable to be comprehended by the west.

I won't be surprised if the west will finally come down to the view that to counter Islamic terror a Cold War like structure is helpful. I expect to see therefore more such talk of good and bad terrorism in the days to come that can install a power structure with which deals can be cut.

Obviously this good and bad terrorism will be born out of self interests on the countries and India will feel slighted by the inability to influence this differentiation by its own interests. It thus becomes even more important for india to start doing the same, but with a view of its own self interest.

. I do expect that some slect terrorists groups may be given gratification by India to counter balance our friendly neighbour's machinations 
. India will try and gain some strategic depth in pok, west Punjab, Baluchistan and Sindh and maybe even FATA, etc by enhancing operational strength on the feild by enabling More feet on the ground.
. More and more Indian funded Islamist groups may likely find sanctuary in Afghanistan to counter the bad terrorists - Pakistan funded Taliban.